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GST is tax system implemented for every suppliers dealing with the goods and services.


Advertising agencies are the agency which helps to advertise or promote the business activities of client offline as well as online platforms such as social media.

Agricultural Products are the products that are extracted from plants and natural substances. Agricultural products can be used for health-related diseases also.

Amazon is an online selling platform for every goods and service. Amazon provides a platform for different sellers to sell their products.

Automation Company deals with designing, programming, testing of automated machines, etc. Every automation company will make automated machines for doing specific tasks.

Automobiles are automated devices. Automobiles are making by the use of the latest technologies and they may be having machines and tools for the preparation of several parts

The bakery is an emerging business in which baked food products are selling as retail as well as wholesale. In this busy scenario, everybody prefers easily available food products

Every business entity must need to pay taxes to the government once their turnover goes over the basic limit and every saloon and parlor owners must have to pay tax for the products

There are many bike brands available in our country. Every brand will have at least one sub-branch in every main city and they all may be selling more bikes among the consumers.

Every shop having small investments also needs to pay the tax according to the turnover and also for the products also they are selling.

Car the dealers are the agents who are dealing with all variety of cars among the consumers. For every car company, there will be a branch or sub-branches for the selling of that specified brand.

Carpenters are the ones who deal with every wooden work. Carpenters will designing, repairing of wood products and similar materials.

Catering service providers are mainly dealing with food products and their services. For the delivering of food products and running the business, they have to pay tax .

The clinic is a medical entity in which they are treating patients for their diseases. Every clinic will have its own premises for working.

Contractors are the supervisors who take the works as a whole and do every work by their workers. Contractors will commit the works with a specified price..

Dealers are the main sector who is dealing with a wide variety of goods and products in the consumer markets. Every dealer will have to pay tax for the products they have purchased..

Retailers sell goods such as groceries, food products, and clothes etc... Directly to the consumers who come to buy the products on behalf of different channels to earn profits.

Doctors are trained specially as medical professionals. Doctors will help the patients for diagnosing the diseases and making them feel better.

Fancy materials are materials used instead of jewels and high costly ornaments. Fancy materials also will have perfection in appearance and making also.

The finance company is a business firm in which they are accepting deposits and provide corresponding interest to the deposited amount.

Every financial company will be dealing with more financial services every day and they may be handling much financial loss and profit to the companies.

Flipkart is an online selling service provider that can be used for the selling of different kinds of products. Using the Flipkart online platform we can register for the Flipkart seller..

Foreign Company is referred to as a company that is situated outside India but they have agents or branches of the company in India directly or remotely accessed and run their business in India

The franchise is a branch of a company which is managed by an individual or group of peoples for trade the product at particular initiated places for a time period.

Every freelancer provides different types of services and they have to pay the tax for every service they are providing. According to the type of services providing...

GST is a single and simplified tax payment system for the government. Since every government agencies are also may have exceeds the threshold limit or turnover...

Grocery shops mainly store food products which may be freshly packed or preserved items. Small Grocery shops are generally selling some daily usage products but in large shops...

Gym and Fitness centers are the premises for the bodybuilding. Gym and fitness centers will have many machines and tools which is used for the bodybuilding purpose...

A home-based business is a small scale business In which everything is operated from the home itself. Most of the home-based businesses are running with small count employees...

Hospitals are the medical care institutions which are established for the welfare of patients with several diseases and providing appropriate medicines.

Hotels are the major business that is earning profit in the present scenario. In this also we are dealing with goods and services so this sector also has to be registered with GSTIN..

Every hypermarket will be dealing with every variety of goods as well as services. All goods and services are tax payable and for that, they may need to pay much unnecessary tax.

Every seller in our nation will be dealing with any of the goods and services. Even they are inter-state sellers also they will have to pay the taxes to the government.

IT company will have all the software and hardware part where many IT professionals work together for clients and since this will a company and every company must pay tax..

Jewelry Business is a high profit earning business. Every jewelry products need to pay their own taxes and for the reduction of the tax payment, they must be registered under the GST.

The laboratory is the entity was patients get medical assessments for the diseases. Laboratories are using many machines and many utilities for the daily working..

Legal services will be handled by an organization of legal advisors. They will be dealing with every kind of legal services in their firm or organization.

Manufactures will be dealing with different goods And products which are to be sold in markets and as well as their society. According to the rule, everyone dealing with goods and services

Food marketing companies produce the food products which have to be sold among the society and they have to pay a huge amount of taxes for the products they are making..

Medical shops also need to register under GST because they are also dealing with products. All the products they are selling may be purchased by paying all the taxes.

Mobile Shops will be having many utilities in their shops. They will be dealing with every type of mobiles. They will need to pay tax for products...

Every startup and small scale trading and manufacturing company can register for MSME which gives them the privileges from the government such as loans, tenders etc..

Nutraceuticals include every kind of natural foods and diet-related products, herbal products etc..These nutraceuticals are using for treating the health-related problems.

Organizations are the group of people for satisfying specified task and they will be having a working space. Every company will be an organization since they all will be a combination..

Partnership Firm is an emerging business idea that includes two or more partners to run the business. Every single individual in the firm is a Partner of the business.

Pest control is the most needed parameter for the farming fields and all food-producing areas. Every farming field will be using pest control substances for controlling the pest attack..

Pet products are the food products which is required for the animals. Pet products are sold at pet stores as well as supermarkets. Every product needed for the caring of pets will be shared..

Media and Press Company is the main leading company which is earning a high turnover in the business field. They may be producing a turnover exceeding the threshold limit of GST..

Printing shops are the shops that help to print or bind the papers as well as books according to the needs of the clients. Every shop and business entity dealing with goods and services..

Private Limited Company is a business platform which is held by a small group of peoples, these group of members are well known by the name shareholders of the business.

Real Estate Business operators are mainly dealing with business related to the land. They will be handling the selling and buying of land for business.

Repair shops will be dealing with the spare parts of the specified products such as automobile parts, electronic device spare parts, etc. Every repair shop will buy products..

Every resort or hotel providing the facilities for staying or tourism they will have to pay a tax to the government. The owner of every resort will have to pay the corresponding amount..

The restaurant business is increasing in every location of the nation. Everyone is now concern about fast food and thus the growth of every restaurant is taking place very fast.

Retailers sell goods such as groceries, food products, and clothes, etc... Directly to the consumers who come to buy the products on behalf of different channels to earn profits.

Security is the most important part needed for a company in every aspect. Every company needs to protect its data as well as surroundings from other competitors..

Service centers are the organization which provides specific services such as vehicle service stations, mobile services, online application filling service center, etc.

Service providers have a huge contribution to the Indian economy level. There are many service providers in our nation and all are having a contribution too.

Every small scale business also needs to pay the tax according to their turnover. Since every business operator deals with certain goods and services they have to pay tax to the government.

Small shops that will deal with a variety of products and every shop will not exceed the criteria for the tax payment. Every shop which is eligible to pay tax must be registered under the GST.

Every Software Company will be working with many employees and will be having a turnover of a threshold limit estimated according to the GST norms.

A Startup is a company that is raised by an entrepreneur for developing a small scale business enterprise. The startup is the beginning of the development of the business.

A Supermarket is a place where they provide every household product and different verities of the food products. Since GST is the tax paid for the goods and services every supermarket..

Swiggy is a large food delivery platform that can provide doorstep service for everyone with fast and quality services. Currently, swiggy is running successfully on Bangalore, Hyderabad..

Taxable persons are the ones who are engaged in trading and business. Every person dealing with a business or having a trading company must be categorized under taxable.

Every food business operators dealing with goods and products must pay the tax applicable to them. Tea shop owners will be dealing with the products and they need to pay tax..

Every textile owner needed to pay tax for the clothes they are purchasing from the manufacturers and for every clothes they may be needed to pay the taxes and to avoid this misleading..

A trading company is a company which is dealing with different varieties of products which is to sell for governments' purposes, businesses, and also for the consumers.

Training centers are mainly for the training purpose for persons who need training for a particular field. Training authority may be charging fees from the trainees for the sessions.

Transport Business includes the transportation of every goods and Product from one area to the preferred region in the nation. Transport Business also includes the import and export..

Trust is a legal institution in which owned by some persons to protect and taking care of other persons who are not physically and financially fit whereas society is a group or an association..

Ubereats is a platform where they deliver food products to our required area. Ubereats show the hotels and restaurants in our area which gives the food we are looking for and they suggest..

Universities are the main branch that con trolls every educational institution under their areas. Also, they will be having institutional places and will be educating many of them from there..

Virtual offices refer to a service that provides employees to work remotely through the internet. The virtual office helps business owners to start a new branch for their business..

Website developers will develop websites and other software tools according to the requirement of clients. They will help their client in making their website layouts..

Retailers sell goods such as groceries, food products, and clothes, etc... Directly to the consumers who come to buy the products on behalf of different channels to earn profits.

Zomato is a food delivery platform which has been established in 2008. Zomato delivers the food at our doorsteps so it’s very helpful and the growth of the Zomato is happening fast..